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Horse Track Betting

Welcome to Horse Track betting, your number one source for 24 hour online horse race betting odds. With our Recommended Triple Crown racebooks you will be able to bet on over 70 racetracks, there's always plenty of horse and sports action to bet on. You can choose from the same variety of betting options that you would find at any US racetrack, giving you all the excitement of horse race betting from the convenience of your home.

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The prestigious sport of horse racing has a long history of tradition and unforgettable triumphs, and the practice of betting on its events has always been a major staple of its existence. Horse Track Betting provides you with all the information you need to bet on horse races, whether you're a beginner or experienced. Here you'll find horse racing info, Triple Crown Betting News, Horse betting tips, Race Track history, helpful horse betting links and an introduction the betting process including basic terms and types of horse bets. The great thing about betting at online horse tracks is that you can do it from the convince of you own home. View Triple Crown Bonus Code Promotions

Also catering to information on the major horse events such as the triple crowns Kentucky Derby Race, Belmont Stakes betting, the Preakness Stakes Contenders, Breeder's Cup horse race and much more!

Preakness Stakes Race at Pimlico Track
May 18, 2019
Preakness Stakes
Pimlico Track at Baltimore, Maryland

The Preakness Stakes is an American Grade I stakes race 1-3/16mile (1.91 km) thoroughbred horse race for three-year-oldhorses, held on the third Saturday in May each year at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. Colts andgeldings carry 126 pounds (57 kg); fillies 121 lb (55 kg).

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The Preaknesshas had some memorable horse race winners with great photofinishes. Who could ever forget horses like NorthernDancer, Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Affirmed, Tabasco Cat,or Smarty Jones.

The Preakness is the secondand shortest leg in American thoroughbred racing's TripleCrown and almost always attracts the Kentucky Derby winner,some of the other horses that ran in the Derby, and often afew horses that did not start in the Derby. (The phrase"Triple Crown" was not applied to this series of races untilthe 1930s.) It is followed by the third leg, the Belmont Stakes. Preakness Stakes Winner Information Here


2019 Kentucky Derby Betting Odds

May 4, 2019
Kentucky Derby
Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY

The Kentucky Derby is set to draw in thousands of horse betting fans, hoping to see their favorite horse emerge as the decisive victor.

The Kentucky Derby is raced on the first Saturday in May, always preceded by the Kentucky Oaks race on Friday. The Kentucky Derby is often known in the United States as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,” because of its extremely short duration. Itis also often referred to as “The Run For the Roses.”

The track at Churchill is 1 mile long, but the race itself is a mile and a quarter in length. Kentucky Derby Winners Info

Kentucky Derby Horse Entries

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Kentucky Derby predictions are an absolute must have leading up to this years Derby showdown. Before you start placing bets on the Kentucky Derby, you must do some statistic research on every Kentucky Derby hopeful. Anticipating promising bets from such information is known as "horse handicapping", a worthwhile procedure which presents you with factual information as to which horses are the most likely to win.

With the Kentucky Derby less than a month away, it is time to take a look at this year’s top contenders as we begin to size up whom might have a shot at winning horse racing’s legendary Triple Crown. Kentucky Derby Picks

Belmont Stakes Betting - Bet 150 Belmont Stakes Odds

Belmont Stakes 151
Where is the Belmont Stakes? Belmont Park
When is the Belmont Stakes? June 08, 2019

The 151st running of the Grade 1 Belmont Stakes will be held at Belmont Park on Saturday, June 08, with first-race post at noon. ABC-TV and ESPN will provide live coverage of the day’s events.

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The Belmont Stakes is called the "Run for the Carnations" because of the blanket of white carnations that are draped over the winner's neck.

Because of its distance and status as the race that can make or break a Triple Crown champion, the Belmont Stakes has been the venue for some of the most famous moments in American racing.

Belmont Stakes horse winners

The Belmont may not be the most tradition bound of the races, but it is the oldest. The first running of the Belmont Stakes in 1867 took place six years before the Preakness and a full eight years before the first Kentucky Derby was run. More 2018  Belmont Stakes Horse Racing Information

We've got 150 Belmont Sakes racing picks and 2018 Belmont park odds to win from the top online Racebooks, complete with race analyses and handicapping features. Also including this year's Preakness Sakes race entries, Belmont Stakes racing tips and Belmont Stakes Winners.

Breeders' Cup Betting - Bet Churchill Downs Odds

2019 Breeders' Cup

Where:Santa Anita Park Race Track
When: The Breeders Cup takes place on November 1st and 2nd
Watch: See it on TV with ESPN at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time

The Breeders' Cup and Santa Anita Park Race Track. joined state and local officials to announce that the Breeders' Cup World Championships will be held at historic Santa Anita Park Race Track for a record seventh time. More Breeders Cup Horse Track Betting Here!

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Why Bet on Horse Racing?
Horse track racing is a sport rich with history and cultural significance. Be a part of the tradition and get involved with this enjoyable spectator sport! Visiting the tracks can be fun for the whole family, but if you can't always find the time, try wagering at our convenient online horse track! Horse racing is the second most widely attended spectator sport

In the United States, preceded only by baseball. The tradition of betting on horse racing is inextricable from the sport itself, and this has been the case since horse racing began. In other words, horse racing is a truly unique sport in that unlike most other major sports, its existence depends on the practice of
betting on its events.

Kentucky Derby Horse Race Tips

  • Bet only on horses you feel have a good chance of winning.

  • If you don't like a horse, don't bet on it.

  • Give preference to winners. Choose a horse that has won before.

  • Avoid betting on a horse that has just moved up in class.

  • Look for value odds as much as likely winners. If you keep looking for them, you will learn to spot them fairly quickly.

  • Look for a horse that has a fair chance of winning and is not overly backed. This is usually a good value bet in the long run. On odds of say, 10:1, you need to win once in ten attempts to break even. Anything more is net profit. Horses backed heavily by touting services and computer handicappers may win more often, but are usually poor value bets.

  • When the track is slow or heavy, give preference to fast starters. Slow, muddy and heavy track conditions usually favor the horse that takes an early lead.

  • A straight bet is simple, manageable and not too difficult to win. Play it but always weigh up the odds. Avoid favorites and long shots (outsiders) too. Be selective - don't bet on anything or everything.

  • When betting straight, consider betting to win and show, or each-way, if the odds are relatively high.


Horse Betting Strategies for Kentucky Derby Horse Race

(WIN) At odds of 2-1 or higher, bet to win.

(PLACE) At odds below 2-1, bet to place, but not to show.


An underlay is a overbet horse. NEVER BET ON UNDERLAYS!!


Odds higher than they should be, based on horse's chances of winning. Basically an overlay is an under bet horse. ALWAYS BET ON OVERLAYS YOU THINK HAVE A GOOD CHANCE TO WIN!!

Note: Anytime you like an overlay and and underlay, or a good-price horse and low-price horse in the same race, bet the overlay.


The important point about Exacta wagering (betting horses will finish one-two in the exact order you bet them) is to use positive strategies that will pay off better the more frequently you play.


1. Don't bet favorites below 2-1 on top.

2. Don't box pairs of ling shots, which means horses at 11-1 or higher. Instead bet both horses to win.

3. Don't bet baseballs, taking 3 horses and betting every possible combination to come one-two, total of 6 combinations.

Note: If you bet a low-price favorite on top, do not use the second and third betting choices on the bottom.


1. Do bet the favorites on the bottom.
2. Do box pairs of medium-priced horses, such as 8-1 with 6-6.
3. Do bet long shots on top of favorites, but also bet on the long shot to win.
4. Do make sure you have a two to one ratio with the of what picks your are using.


If odds are 5/2, 3-1, 7/2, 4-1, 9/2, 5-1, and 6-1, wager to WIN and PLACE. For every WIN unit ($1 bet) bet three units to place. NO SHOW WAGERS If odds are 7-1, 8-1, 9-1, 10-1, 11-1 and 12-1, wager to WIN, PLACE and SHOW. For every WIN unit wager three place units and three show units. When odds are 13-1 and higher wager two units to place and five units to show for every win unit bet.

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